Welcome to Module 7: Political Foundations of Educational Technology

Nicola Einarson, David Evans, Darren Mitzel, Todd Powell, Sarah Rowe

What is a Cyborg?

Module Schedule

Module length: Sunday, October 30 to Saturday, November 5
  1. Read article and article summary on Wikispace: Sunday, October 30 to Tuesday, November 1

  2. Post responses to Discussion Questions and participate in Discourse Collage: Wednesday, November 2 and Thursday, November 3.
    • November 1 Update: If you wish to begin posting on the evening of November 1, feel free to do so.

  1. Read discussion summary and wrap up: Friday, November 4 and Saturday, November 5

How to Navigate the Wikispace

  1. Read the article and summary posted on the Main Article page. Use the Discussion Questions to help guide your reading.

  2. Use the Glossary, Prezi and Secondary Resources to help you form a solid concept of the themes and ideas in the reading.

  3. Participate in the Discourse Collage (or create your own and engage your colleagues - please share your link with one of the Leadership group members). Post your thoughts and responses to the Discussion Questions and other questions in the Secondary Resources to the Discussion Forum on WebCT Vista Course site. Participate in the discussion of at least one theme.

  4. Review the Discussion Wrap Up at the end of the module.