Biological determinism: A theory where the behaviour of an organism is influenced entirely biology (more specifically, genetics). This type of thinking means a distinct separation between humans and animals, as they are genetically different from each other. In terms of politics, the society of humans is driven because of the biological needs of humans, such as the need for the traditional family or community.

Cyborg: A being which is an integrated unit of human and machine. The metaphor of a cyborg is used to represent the absence or breakdown of strict barriers or distinctions.

Feminism: A political movement centred upon defining, establishing, and defending equal rights and opportunities for women.

Homework Economy: A phenomenon where the structure of society (ultimately influencing the structure of the family and gender roles) is influenced in part by technology. The Homework Economy defines "feminine" or "masculine" work.

Marxism: An economic and social viewpoint based upon analysis of material needs and material conditions.

Technological determinism: A theory where technology drives the formation of society and the values of those within the society.