Discourse Collage

Collaboratively Exploring Haraway’s Themes Through Visual-Based Discourse

Discourse Collages Available:

1. "We are Cyborgs"
2. "Feminism, Technology, Politics"

What is a Discourse Collage?

This "Discourse Collage" is built from a collaborative Google Document where we have granted access to anyone with the link (see above). You should also be able to access the collage titled "We are Cyborgs" below within the page. Please consider this a collaborative canvas where we can express and engage each other.


To access the collage externally (i.e., not within the Wikispace)
Link to our Discourse Collages above ("We are Cyborgs" or "Feminism, Technology, Politics" or create and share your own)

- Explore the passage, meaning, and themes contained within Haraway's paper to help further the collective understanding through the use of graphics and text.
- Engage and contribute to the discussion ideas presented in the collage by copying and pasting callouts below, entering your thoughts, and positioning them in the collage.
- Use the toolbar at the top of the document to change your callout's colour and size of text. You may also add your own callouts using the toolbar.
- To easily navigate, use CTRL + SHIFT + Left to Zoom in, CTRL + SHIFT + Right to Zoom Out.
- You are welcome, but not required, to label your posts with your initials.

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